Demo Reel

Sketch/character reel

(Drama) Emotional (crying on cue) raw footage.

(Drama) "Honest Work" starring Ana Araujo

(Action) Detective Scott for the webserie "Swipers"

TV Hostess Reel - Teleprompter / In Portuguese

Hosting "How to bartend"

(Comedy) Detectives about to get in action!

(Drama) A houekeeper in need of money let her boss cross the line

(Drama) Wife can't tell her husband how she got the money

(Drama) Mary Beth and Harvey: A cop discuss her marriage with a construction man

On Stage Demo Reel

(Drama)Scenes from the indie movie Trent and Isabella

(Drama) Drug dealer sees her husband dying and her money disappear

(Drama, Spanish) Sisters discussing family matters



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Trent and Isabella

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Nalip 2017

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AFI 2017

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Salma Hayek look alike

The Wendy Williams Show

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Death Row