FILM (selected)
Trent and Isabella Lead David Wharton
Honest Work Lead Rocio Manciete
Weeded Out Supporting Ana Araujo (me!)
A Brazilian Lead Victoria Marino
Evil Intentions Supporting Natalie Poltman
The Unknown Supporting Emmanuel Oyelami
Acorss Lines Supporting Marcus Robinson
Keep the Party Going Supporting Hakim Wray
7 Diamonds Supporting Lou Caban
Swiperz (web series) Supporting Arturo Settlewhite
How to Bartend Hostess The Study Pub
The Gray Area (web series) Supporting Lynne Ford
English as a second language Supporting Wall Street School
Deep Undercover Supporting Bellum Entertainment
Why not tell the truth Tracey Carleton King
The Alley Comedy Show Improv Alley Wettle
Mystery Improv Show Improv Jennifer Carpignano
Homage Ensemble Natania Silverman
Satire of Broadway Sketch Ann Bowen
I choose to be me Tina Jason Swan
Love letters you've been meaning to write Dancer Jonathan Solari
TV - Hostess
Space two Hostess / Street reporter Marcia Gaudio

The William Esper Studio – Intensive, Deb Jackel
UCB, Upright Citizens Brigade – Improv (3RD level)
Ken Schatz – Accent reduction T Schreiber – Scene Study
Elizabeth Kemp - The Actors Studio Penny Templeton – Advanced on Camera
Jodi Collins – Comedy and Improv for TV
Languages: Portuguese (first language), Spanish, English
General Sports: Running, General Swimming, Bike, Samba(Dance), Forró (Dance)
Miscellaneous Skills: Hostess, Reporter, Teleprompter, Hula Hoop, Improv

Drama Reel



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Trent and Isabella

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Nalip 2017

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AFI 2017

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Salma Hayek look alike

The Wendy Williams Show

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Death Row